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With the new security step secure your Facebook account via Facebook Customer Service Number


Everyone is using Facebook to get in touch with each other. One of the biggest advancement of FB is you can access your account from any corner of the world. It is a cloud-based account so along with the user email I’d and correct password, you can get access in your FB account. Also, you can get information about your friend, colleague, and loved-once. If you are using your FB account for the official purpose, then you can ask your co-workers about your industrial world. With the help of a Facebook account, you can make a connection with your college friends who are living in overseas countries. You can get current information on Facebook what is going around in the world.

With the updated Facebook version, you can sell your products through the advertisement over Facebook. For selling any product on FB you just need to make your own website and mention your website link in your post, so that users can easily take an overview of your website. Facebook has become a strong platform in the marketing world. The number of companies shares their product on Facebook. As you know, it is a social account to get in touch with the world so in another hand so cyber bullies and hackers are active to get access to your account to spread the inflammatory sensation in our society. If you want to know what kind of strong protection you should use to keep secure your Facebook account, then you should join Facebook Customer Service to obtain Facebook securely.

What step I should use to keep secure my Facebook account?


 As you know with the forthcoming Facebook setup, you can make security changes according to your needs. Also, you can make changes to your post sharing. For seeing your Facebook account as other seeing it, log into your account, select the gear icon on the upper right corner, tap on the privacy settings, and choose timeline plus tagging from the left pane. After that, you have to tap on see as to the right to review what other Fb user view on your timeline like who are able to see my timeline things? Just near to pop-up windows, you need to tap on OK if required.

Your Facebook timeline would appear as the General FB audience sees it. And dial Facebook Customer Service Number when you have limited access to your Facebook timeline only with your friends. So, then support executives will let you know the only generable audience will be able to see your profile picture & cover photo.

To with the link to contact you, which is limited to your friends of friends can follow you over Facebook. To see your profile as a specific person views it, then you need to tap on the particular person on the upper window & enter the person’s name. For changing the privacy setting like who is allowed to see your timeline, come back to Facebook’s timeline & tagging settings and tap on the edit option just next to “who can take an overview of your posts you have been tagged on your Facebook timeline? Also, you need to ensure your selection for all settings on the drop-down menu & tap on close. You have to ensure that your browser should be protected. If you are browsing securely, then you can keep secure your Facebook account in a relevant manner. You should not open user Facebook account on a public computer, tablet, and other people’s devices.


How limited access is beneficial for Facebook Stuff?


If you are willing to know how limited access is beneficial for Facebook stuff, then you need to make a connection with the Facebook advisors via Facebook Customer Support Number Number. The Advisors will tell you for restricting your pas & future FB posts, you need to click on the privacy setting in the left pane of Facebook account settings. Then pick the limited past posts option under “who are allowed to view your posts” into the similar section.

You will see the warning message while you are attempting to limit access to your all past facebook post at once instead change the settings post by post. Then under the option “who are able to contact me” allows you to limit friend requests & filtered messages you get. Also, you are allowed to restrict, who can take a view of your Facebook timeline by the name, & whether your timeline will link for searching engines. Also, you can take more steps to protect your Facebook account from unwanted suspects.


What is OPT out of Facebook Advertisement?


 Facebook does not currently allow third-party applications or ad networks for using names in your picture or ads, but this can change in the future. To select prematurely, tap on the ad in the left pane of your Facebook Account Settings window & select Edit in the Third Party websites section. And make a call on Facebook Phone Number to get further information about OPT out of FB advertisement. The Facebook executives will convey to you under “Show my info”, if we allow it in the future, choose “None” in the drop-down menu, and then click on save the changes.

Also, they will let you know for excluding your self from FB’s social advertisement, tap on the edit in the Ads and your friend’s section, select “None” in the drop-down option. After that, for pairing the social actions with the ads, you should choose the save changes.

This information will be quite enough for you to secure your Facebook account. If you are not satisfied this much information and you want more information. Then you should make a connection with the support experts via Facebook Customer Service Phone Number. Here you will get complete information from the support team of Facebook.


Facebook is the tech company that is also known for its extraordinary support team as they provide phenomenal assistance to the users. If you’re unable to speak to someone and want to have a mailing facility or chat a real person,  then you don’t need to wonder what is number of social media support. You can report a problem using contact by phone available in the help center and can contact customer service in order to talk to representative and get help from them.

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