privacy policy


We gather your own information including name, address, age and so forth. We gather the information gave in segments with the goal that the clients can get a total thought of what we do. Individual information might be gathered for our needful purposes when you are utilizing our site. Every one of the clients can impart their choices to our colleagues whether you consent to our terms and conditions. You can likewise reach us before giving any information in the event that you are confounded while offering it to us. We are not responsible if you share the information to any outsider separated from us.

Our privacy policy understands your personal criteria’s to maintaining security. We don’t want to misuse any data which you provide to us. If you want to get an idea of what we do and how then you can read our policy carefully. We respect what you want to know from us. You can seek our terms and conditions before saying yes to our services. Whatever information we collect is for your benefit only because we will send the details relating the products and services on your contact numbers. We do not want to break any rule relating to the privacy of our customers. 

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